Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cycling Creation

Mountainbiking purists will tell you that the best way to really experience all that mountainbiking has to offer is to ride a fully ridgid single speed. That means no front suspension, ne rear suspension, and only one gear. Many single speeders out there will use a front suspension though. Without the worry of which gear you should be in, you concentrate on just riding. My friend Allen recently converted his hardtail bike to a single speed, not so much by choice, but more as a result of destroying his rear derailleur on Candler's Mountain. Now he loves it. So given my competitive nature, I started looking at my options for building one. Unfortunately, I do not have a hardtail bike or the money to buy one. All I have are 2 Trek Fuels. The problem, because the chain length changes when the rear suspension moves, it is very difficult to keep the correct tension. I've seen 1 production bike from Kona that was a full suspension single speed and no one makes a conversion kit specifically for full suspensions. The solution? Design and build my own. Then I decided that I was not going to spend a dime, so I also designed the sprocket and spacers. I have yet to try it out on the trail, but riding it aroung the house, it seems to work great. Check out the pictures in the Single Speed album. I love making things work that other people say can't work!

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