Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The time draws near. The time for action, the time for pain. I feel the beast's hot breath on my neck. It's waiting for me, waiting for me to challenge it...
Dragon's Back is almost here. The first race of the year, and one of the most dificult and intense. 35 miles of steep mountain sides, nearly immposible switchbacks, and sharp, jagged rocks everywhere. This is a challenge that I do not take lightly. The possibility of injury and bike carnage is high. I am trying to prepare for anything. I will be carrying all the food, tools, and spare parts neccessary, within reasonable weight limits, of course. I do not care that much about placing at the top in this race. This type of endurance race usually attacts high end racers. I do not want to be at the bottom though. Last year, only 13 people entered, 11 finished. So even a middle of the pack finish could place me in the top 5 or so. But this more about finishing and proving to myself that I can do it. Which is the same reason that I am doing the triathlon one week later. More about that to come.
Hold on Bilbo! help is on the way!!!!

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