Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow 2/5/10

   Compared to last weeks powdery 12 inch snow, this round brought 4-5 inches of wet, heavy snow mixed with sleet and rain. The temperature this time has been hovering around the freezing mark, last week it was in the teens. All this combined with tons of chemicals have mostly kept the snow off the roads. What's left is a wet, slushy mess. There will be be no snow ride this time. The mercury is supposed to dip lower tonight, so the plan now is to try riding on Candler's mountain in the morning. I was there Thursday night with Quinn and Scott S. It was very difficult to ride. Some hikers had been on the trails, but no other bikes. It was pretty soft and slushy and cut our normal speed in half with double the effort. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow. Looks like a trainer day today. :(

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Anonymous said...

You rocked today out on our slushy messy snow ride. Glad you decided to come out, big fun!