Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beef Bourguinon

    In the movie Julie and Julia, Julie was prparing all 375 recipes in Julia Child's French Cooking book, over the course of one year. One of the most difficult recipes was the Beef Bourguinon. It is basically a French pot roast, but like many French dishes, it is very complicated. The beef is cubed and seared, then braised in red wine. It has carrots, pearl onions, bacon any many more ingredients that all slow cook together with the beef to make a slightly thick sauce. The whole cooking time is nearly 5 hours. Jess's mother is a fantastic cook and after watching the movie, she decided to give this recipe a try. In total, it was two days of work, with all the prep time. It was worth every minute. What she ended up with was some of the most tender, flavorful beef I have every eaten! Served with rice, homemade garlic bread, and a nice glass of Shiraz, it was the perfect meal. Julia Child would be proud and so were we. After all the work that went into it, Jennifer said this would be the only time that she made it. I have a feeling though, that we have eventually have it again. If she doesn't make it, I will!

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