Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jersey Boy

A few weeks ago, after winning at Danville, Brandon at Bikes Unlimited gave me one of their jerseys to wear at the races. I have always done most of my business with Bikes. Mostly because that was the first place I looked when I decided to buy a real mountainbike in 2001. I picked out a Fuel and fell in love with it. I try not to be exclusive though. Davy at Blackwater Bikes is a great guy, and if he has something better or cheaper, I don't hesitate to go buy from him. But back to the point. Last week, Bob (aka Triffid) mentioned to Tyler that he had a jersey riding on his kid's race at Peaks View. I thought that he was most likely he was kidding, but of course being an 11 year old, Tyler took it seriously. On Sunday, Tyler did win the kid's race. So last night, before our ride, Tyler and I stopped by Bikes so he could "collect". I told him not to get too hopefull. When we walked in, we found Bob and talked for a minute. Brandon had gone straight to the jersey rack and came over with an X-small jersey and told Tyler to try it on. It was a perfect fit! Brandon said "There you go, congrats".I think Tyler almost fell out in te floor. I did too, I had no idea that they were going to give him a BU jersey. He decided on Sunday that his goal is to race in the Novice class in the Rocky Mount race in September. I am very proud of him for having the drive and determination to race.

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