Sunday, March 29, 2009

Against the Wind

No, not the Bob Seger song, but the theme for today's road riding. After days of rain, no one was complaining much about the wind, but it made riding very tough and sometimes dangerous. It seemed like no matter which direction you traveled, there was always a head wind or cross wind, threatening to push you off the road or into traffic. Still, I took a long 16 mile route to get to the Angel's Race group ride. Road the 15.5 mile course, then back home (shorter route). The wind was continuous and brutal, like riding a mountain bike in sticky mud, I hate it. Steady at 20 to 25 mph and gusting to 35 or more. It was still worth getting out on the bike. Plus, since it's like climbing constantly, it has to make you stronger. I hope tomorrow is calmer though. I'm riding to work, then I'll have about 2 hours to ride before the first of this years Root Beer rides at Blackwater bike shop.

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