Saturday, April 2, 2011


I went to Candler's  mountain this morning for a group ride. Jen, a good friend from Roanoke, came in to ride. We were having a great time. About 6 of us had broken off in a faster group. As we got to the backside of the trail system, my chain popped of on a quick steep climb. This caused my knee to slam full force into the bike frame. Pain shot through my leg. This has happened before, but this time it hit very hard. My knee started to instaantly swell. I tried to ride further, but it got worse. Finally I decided that I had to walk out. My friend Mary Alex walked with me. After about 45 minutes of walking, we finally made it out. Now I am at home with and ice-pack on it. I can only move my knee about 20 degrees right now. Hopefully it will feel better soon.

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