Thursday, January 13, 2011


    I race in dangerous criteriums, give everything I have in time trials, turn myself inside-out in short mountain bike races, suffer for hours upon hours on my single speed in mountain bike endurance races, and do the occasional triathlon. Never getting seriously hurt. Now I'm on the couch with a very painful pulled muscle in my back. It's on the right side, over the ribs, making even breathing a painful effort. Did I crash my bike? Or get hit by a car or something? No, I was lifting groceries out of the trunk of the car last night! Oh the irony!!!

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Missy said...

Oh! I can so relate!! I work w/pets - dogs of all sizes! I lift big dogs, little dogs. I tug on big dogs, little dogs. You get the picture! Not long ago I lifted a 6-pack of Cokes out of the grocery cart and "whammo!" Pulled my darn back!! It's so ironic!

Do you have a moist heat heating pad? They do wonders for my back! If you don't have one - take a heating pad, place a damp cloth on top of the cloth and a dry towel over that. That will do the same thing as the moist heat heating pad.

AND....most important.....repeat after me -- ibuprofen is my friend! (They taught me that one in the ER when I was rear-ended this past September!)

Hope you feel better soon! You might try going to the holodeck on the ARK and simulating a massage!!!!! Hey....hey....hey!!!!