Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tacky Tuesday

Well it's Tuesday and I am supposed to list at least 10 things I find tacky. hmmm

1.   Crocs, I have never liked the way they look.
2.   Socks with sandals or worse yet, flip-flops. These are meant to be worn on bare feet.
3.   The little stick figure family stickers on peoples back windows of their vehicle. I don't care how many kids and pets you have.
4.   Mullets, enough said there.
5.   Tall ankle socks with shorts. Either wear very short socks or push the others down.
6.   Anything by Kenny G.
7.   When someone is going to record a show on their DVR and they say "I'm going to tape it". Yea I slip and say this sometimes, I'm an 80's child.
8.   Wearing full camo to shop at Walmart. Usually combined with #4.
9.   Those sunglasses with the rows of little visor shades across the lenses.
10.  Overly baggy pants.

Yea, a lot of tacky fashion stuff in there, what can I say? lol


Missy said...

Cliff! I still actually TAPE! I don't have a DVR - I'm still in the VHS stage of life.....much to my son's dismay!

Cliff said...

Ok Missy, I'll let you slide then. :)

Sinner said...

How bout those guys who wear light white cycling shorts (marcus) with a view of there butts for hours!

Cliff said...

Yes, that's another good one. No one wants to see that, lol.

Angee Dale said...

Oh Cliff.... Oh CLiff.... Oh CLIFF....

I Just do.

But I won't hold it against you!