Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ride to Work

   I decided to ride to work today. The forcast was for an inch or so of snow overnight. My street was covered, so I decided to ride my old single speed mountain bike. Unfortunately, when I got to Lakeside Drive, it was clear and just wet. It did start snowing briefly about half way to work. The one low gear added about 10 - 15 minutes to my commute. The bad part was that the dirty water slinging off the front tire would fly forward and I would run into it. I spent most of my ride off to one side or the other, trying to stay out of the spray. I would like to ride it again if the roads are completely covered. Other than that, I will stick to the road bike and dry roads. On the way home, it was drizzling freezing rain. My helmet was covered in ice.

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Jen said...

Get some fenders... HAHA, you are a trip! I'm enjoying this daily blog!