Monday, January 3, 2011

Night Terrors

   It's fairly rare that I remember my dreams. Even more rare for them to be super vivid. Last night was an exception. I have two re-occuring themes to many of my dreams. One is zombies, usually trying to stay alive in a zombie apocolypse. The other is dinosaurs, I've had one dream about a T-Rex that I've had now and then ever since I was about 9. Last night, myself and a couple other people were being stalked and finally cornered by a large T-Rex. We were trying to stay as still as possible, per Jurassic Park. But that was made very difficult by the two zombies that were attacking at the same time. Just as both threats were about to finish us, I woke up. I was terrified. I laid there motionless for a few minutes, until I was sure that there were no zombies or dinosaurs nearby. :) I've had a fascination with dinosaurs and archeology from a very young age and absolutely love a good zombie movie or book. So I guess this is the price I pay for it. I don't mind though, keeps the blood pumping, very very fast!

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Sinner said...

I will trade my dreams for yours any day of the week!