Monday, November 7, 2011

NBM #7

You have 2 free round-trip plane tickets to anywhere.... your spending budget for hotel, rental car, food and expenses is $25,000,

who are you taking?

where are you going?

where are you staying?

what car are you renting?

what type of food will be on the menu?"....
I'm not sure who I would take. I guess I would check with my friends a see who needed a vacation the most. For a destination, I think I would choose London. I've always wanted to go there. I would stay at The Savoy, one of the most distinguishes hotels in London. For the rental car, it would to be some absolutely Britsh. So I would to find an Aston Martin DB-9. I thinkI would mostly eat at the cutting edge trendy restuarants. London is very much respected for its cuisine. Of course I would to find a street cart that sold good old fashioned fish n chips too.

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