Monday, May 16, 2011

May Challenge 5/16

Share one of your favorite meals you make for your family. What's the recipe? If you don't do the cooking, share the meal you request the most!

I love to cook, and I love to try new things. But one of my favorite meals is a simple grilled steak. If I'm feeling indulgent, I'll start with a thick cut Porterhouse. I don't marinade, but I do like some spice rubbed on it. Nothing over done, just salt, pepper, and maybe some garlic and onion powder. The steak has to be at room temperature when it goes on the grill. I sear it for about a minute and a half to 2 minutes on each side and it's done. I like some good grill marks on the outside and a cool red center. This would be very rare. I like to cook Vidalia onions on the grill too. I take a whole onion, peel it, then cut a cone in the top. I pack the cutout with butter and beef buollion cubes. Wrap it in foil and set on the grill for about 25 minutes. They come off soft, translucent, and delicious. Another good side would be some cous-cous. I like to add some curry and ginger spice to mine. Finish the meal off with a nice glass of Merlot or Cabernet and it's almost a perfect meal.

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