Monday, May 23, 2011

May Challenge 5/23

Frome Jennifer- Any summer vacation plans? Short weekend get-away? Where are ya headed this summer and what will ya be doing there?

I don't have any definite vacation plans yet. I would love to get to Va Beach for a long weekend. Maybe stop by for a night at Angee's house, then stay a few nights at the beach. I think if I went to the beach and didn't stop at Angee's, there would be hell to pay, lol. An evening by the pool with her and Wayne and a bottle of wine would be great. I always take my bike to the beach so I can go out early before it gets crowded and go back and forth on the boardwalk and explore some of the surrounding area. This year's vacation will probably be by myself. A few days of sun, sand, and relaxation. I'm sure I would do some shopping and eating at nice restuarants too.

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Angee Dale said...

Damn right there would be hell to pay!