Thursday, November 11, 2010

NBM #11 Friends

   I feel so lucky to have so many caring friends. When the world seems to be harsh and even the people close to you, who should support you, are not. I know that there are people who love and care about me and will always have an ear for me to talk to. And in return, I am always there for them. A good circle of friends is the best defense against the anything that gets you down. Some of these friends I have known for many years and some I have met on Facebook. I am equally grateful to all of you for all that you do for me. I like to surround myself with friends that are as open minded as I am. I have friends from all walks of life. It doesn't matter what you believe, what you do for work, or what you do in your spare time. As long as you don't judge other's by their looks or stereotypes and are a good person. I am very pround of my friends, I love you all.

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Angee Dale said...

love u too Cliff... the world is a rough place to be at times. Got some mean folkes in it. But keep your chin up, friends will lift u up in times of need... if not come on over the the patio or the ark, we will get you going for sure.