Saturday, November 13, 2010

NBM #13 Zombies

   First to recap the cookout last night. It was a great time. We had around 25 people or so. We did some night racing with jello shots thrown in, had lots of good food and drink, and a warm fire. It turn out that if eat a lot of jello shots, drink a couple vodka and juice drinks, and have a bunch of shots of Evan Williams, you will get very sick. I was throwning up well into wee hours of the morning. Somehow today I have felt pretty good, other than just tired. It was worth it though. :)
   This evening I started a new book that my mom gave me. It's called Day By Day Armageddon. It's about a zombie apocolypse. I also have the sequel to read. I love anything to do with zombies. I get it from my mother, she does too. I'm halfway through it already. It's a very fast read. And tomorrow night is the third episode of Walking Dead on AMC. It is an excellent show. I'm ready for the zombie attack!

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