Wednesday, November 17, 2010


   Tonight I went to one of our Dire Wolf Cycling team meetings. It's been a year since the team was formed. In years past a few people have tried to start a local race team here in Lynchburg, all have failed. So when Elery Brown decided that he want to get a team started, most people just laughed. Elery was very picky in who was asked to join at first, wanting to have a strong team to get a foot hold in local racing. I feel very honored to have been part of the team from the beginning. Against all the odds, Dire Wolf is still going strong and growing. The coming year will see real sponsors coming aboard, a women's division, and more team members. Now every race we go to, people instantly know who we are. There were very few races last year that at least one of us were not in the top 5. The best part about the team is how well everyone gets along together. It's like a big family. Hopefully it will never get too big for it's own good. Now it's time to see what Dire Wolf can do next year. We also have a new website that should be active in a week or two,

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Jen said...

Wish I lived in Lynchburg. COOL TEAM!!! COOL KITS etc... =)