Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NBM #16 Tan Lines

Well, we are over halfway through the national Blog Month. So far good. :)

   There is a sure fire way to tell who does a lot of cycling in the summer. Cycling tan lines. Very distinct lines marking the transfer from very tan to very light on the arms and legs. This could easily be mistaken for a farmer's tan, until you notice the outline of fingerless gloves on the hands and wrists. Most cyclists wear this tan as a badge of honor. Proudly displaying it whenever possible, hoping someone will ask about it so they can tell of their love of the sport. Which all well and good, but not for me. I do not like these tan lines and I try to avoid them with sunscreen. I still end up with them though, and it's not until mid winter or early spring that they fade. When I wear a tank top or a shirt with very short sleeves, which most of mine are, I really don't care to see those annoying lines. I suppose I could go to a tanning bed, but it's expensive and too harsh on the skin. So I guess I'm doomed to have tan lines. I could cover them with shirts and shorts with longer sleeves and legs, typical "guy" clothes, but that's just not me. :)


Angee Dale said...

going on a cruise in Feb... I am going to sport my tan lines! Great post... almost there....

You and Missy Rock.

Missy said...

I'm going to sound like the typical "mom," Cliff.....please, please, please remember the sunscreen! I have skin cancers removed from my face and legs all the time. Just last week I had 6 off my forehead, 4 off the back of a leg, 1 off my lip, and 1 off my scalp. PLEASE REMEMBER THE SUNSCREEN!!!