Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NBM #30 End of the Month

Well I made it. 1 month of blogging, although I think I missed two days somewhere in there. Thank you Angee for putting the challenge out there. And Missy for being there too, blogging along. I've had my blog for well over a year, but had gotten away for updating it more many months. Hopefully now I can keep it going.
This has been a good month. Of course Thanksgiving is always great, and I grown closer to some very good, understanding friends. I hope to continue to open up to wonderful caring people like them.

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Angee Dale said...

I am so frigging proud of you! Yes one day at a time... break it down into small goals... the end goal will be so worth it.
Blogging is a great way to release frustration, or sometimes say things that just cannot be said face to face. I am here for you... I get it... I Pray that each day will get a little easier for you... This is when you will truly find out who your REAL friends are.
There is no handbook about we are supposed to live our lives... if there were, I bet the world would be at PEACE!
Love u!